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CLI Overview

To use the package as a command-line tool, run

$ dart run dart_code_metrics:metrics <command> lib

# or for a Flutter package
$ flutter pub run dart_code_metrics:metrics <command> lib

Alternatively, the package can be installed globally

$ dart pub global activate dart_code_metrics
$ metrics <command> lib

# or for a Flutter package
$ flutter pub global activate dart_code_metrics
$ metrics <command> lib

It will produce a result in one of the supported formats:

  • Console
  • GitHub
  • Codeclimate
  • HTML
  • JSON

Note: you need to configure rules entry in the analysis_options.yaml to have rules report included into the result.

Available commands

The following table shows which commands you can use with the tool:

CommandExample of useShort description
analyzedart run dart_code_metrics:metrics analyze libReports code metrics, rules and anti-patterns violations.
check-unused-filesdart run dart_code_metrics:metrics check-unused-files libChecks unused *.dart files.
check-unused-l10ndart run dart_code_metrics:metrics check-unused-l10n libCheck unused localization in *.dart files.

For additional help on any of the commands, enter dart run dart_code_metrics:metrics help <command>

Multi-package repositories usage

If you run a command from the root of a multi-package repository (aka monorepo), it'll pick up analysis_options.yaml files correctly.

Additionally, if you use Melos, you can add custom command to the melos.yaml.

run: |
melos exec -c 1 --ignore="*example*" -- \
flutter pub run dart_code_metrics:metrics analyze lib
description: |
Run `dart_code_metrics` in all packages.
- Note: you can also rely on your IDEs Dart Analysis / Issues window.